sewer monsters, anyone?

I think this goes far beyond flushing baby crocodiles down the toilet.
What the hell could this be? A li’l sewer-investigating robot took these videos in South Carolina and has been baffling people ever since. Has our sewer crap spawned new life? Is this all a stupid hoax? Or maybe under that crap is just a giant sac of spider eggs caught in sewer goop.
Either way, it’s D&D come to life.


5 responses to “sewer monsters, anyone?

  1. Whoa, the video was removed! WHAT IS IT?? I also love that it automatically generated related posts to: The Host and CHUD!

  2. i’m curious too!!

  3. should be working now! enjoy the grossness!

  4. um…….ewwwwwwwww

  5. Betcha $10 it’s a viral video for that D9 movie.

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