boys will be boys

So the governor of South Carolina admitted to having a long-distance affair with a woman in Argentina. This soon after some senator type of guy in Nevada also admitted to having an affair. Affairs, affairs, affairs. It’s getting boring. I never thought ol’ Bill getting a BJ was any of our business and I think the hooplah over this crap is uncalled for.
Except for one thing. These two folks that were fishing in their neighbor’s pond are Republicans. The party of “family values” and such PR nonsense. That Nevada guy, Senator Ensign (what kind of a name is Ensign anyway? Isn’t that like being called Senator Lieutenant?) was a huge critic of other guys who strayed from the marital path. He was way down on Clinton and Larry Craig — remember Craig, the guy who tapped his toes for gay sex? Fun times. And then he goes and diddles outside the marriage himself.
So in the end, these guys shouldn’t have their public careers ruined for having an affair. That’s a private matter between them and their wives. But being hypocrites? Preaching one thing and doing another? Pushing a platform they don’t believe in just to get votes? That’s the sign of a bad public servant.


One response to “boys will be boys

  1. Jon Stewart had the best joke about this, something like: “Oh you conservative politicians with your liberal dicks.”

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