a brave new world?

There were a few announcements at E3 that got a lot of buzz (like Natal, which I think will be a limited-use fad) but one that I think is a huge game-changer, one that’ll change the world, is one that strangely got no buzz.

None that I heard of anyway, so I could just be sheltered.

It’s XBox’s offering live TV from the UK’s SKY network. If you’re in the UK, you’ll be able to watch live television through your xbox360. For the longest time people have been planning for the one box living room, and combining the game system with a cable TV box would do it. Why can’t I just put a video card into my 360, plug in my cable, and watch my shows? Clearly, there’s no reason except that it hasn’t been developed yet. I think in 10 years time, we’ll look at this as the first baby step towards something that changed everything.

Maybe it’ll be they key feature of an XBox720 or something… Fingers crossed…


One response to “a brave new world?

  1. As much as you think this is cool, it’ll be so much more fun for me to watch you playing Natal.

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