i like it when people get shot

Between the crazies on one side and the crazies on the other side are the great unwashed masses inbetween. The sea of undecideds, apathetics, tuned-out drop outs. And nothing jostles them awake and pushes them towards a side like a good gunfight.
Take the abortion fight. There are a group of people who passionately fight to keep it legal and will defend it when they can. There’s also a core group of passionate folks who equate abortion with murder. In between are the rest of us, who may have an opinion on the matter but ultimately are too busy with their iPhones to voice it. All it takes is one of the core, passionate crazies to fire a gun, and suddenly the opinions are voiced. Now, most people equate the passionate anti-abortion crowd with extremism and danger. The silent majority speaks up, and the “pro-lifers” benefit.
Who will benefit now that a crazy old white supremecist has shot up the Holocaust museum in DC? I think it will give a bump to the pro-Israel lobby as they fight to keep Israel thought of as the victim. Obama’s been harder on the land of the Jews than past presidents, and perhaps this shooting will energize the unwashed masses against that. We’ll see.
If I have some points to make, it’s these: 1. You shouldn’t use the word “passionate” too often in one paragraph. 2. Whatever your POV is, when you resort to violence you lose. 3. Next time there’s two groups of friends who argue over whether or not “Transformers” is a great movie, I’m gonna sneak into the “it’s bad” camp and shoot someone in the “it’s good” camp. Then history will be solidified: It’s a masterpiece.


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