he’s right. it don’t.

I’d sell my left foot if every concert held by some lame lip-synching scuzball has-been ends exactly like this, because it’s divine justice and we don’t see enough of it.

Really.  Karma should re-balance itself like this more often.  ANYONE who lip-synchs should finish the song by getting clocked in the face by something big and heavy.  I’m looking at you, Britney.  ANYONE who goes on a reality show just to have a dozen skanks jump over themselves to pump Syphilis directly into your ding dong should break his nose every hour on the hour.  I’m looking at you, half of Los Angeles.  ANYONE who tries to pretend that they’re not bald by wearing a bandana is just making other bald people self-conscious and should be laughed at on national television.  I’m looking at you… um……. cancer patients?

Or Hulk Hogan.  Cancer patients or Hulk Hogan.


One response to “he’s right. it don’t.

  1. seriously this is one of the greatest things i have ever seen!!!

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