is this the future of the future?

There’s no denying that this “natal” thing Microsoft’s come up with is amazing.  Way to maximize the tools at hand with the camera and stuff to make something that could be the new definition of virtual reality.

That being said, are we gonna give a shit about it two years after it’s come out?  Creating a new way to play video games always gets a lot of buzz, and in cases like the Wii’s motion-sensing controllers, can genrate a craze.  But eventually the newness wears off and we go back to playing video games the way it’s most natural to — sitting on our asses with a controller in hand.

I haven’t turned on my Nintendo Wii in over a year.  The whole motion control excitement thing wore off for me after a few games, and without it, you gotta agree that games are just better on the 360 or PS3.  Call my a cynical douche, but I’m thinking “natal” will share the same fate.


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