bs is cheap. love is priceless

(CNN) — Nevada is legalizing domestic partnerships, with the state Assembly voting Sunday evening to override a veto by the governor, officials said.  The Assembly voted 28-14 to override Gov. Jim Gibbons’ veto of a domestic partner bill, said Kathy Alden of the chief clerk’s office.

With the vote, Nevada will extend most of the rights given to married couples to couples in domestic partnerships, including those of the same sex.  The Nevada Senate overrode the the governor’s veto 14-7 on Saturday.

The bill will take effect on October 1.

Good for Nevada for moving in the right direction.  Is there anyone who doubts that we’ll see gay marriage legalized nationwide within a decade or so?

Some people say that would cheapen marriage.  You know what cheapens marriage?  When Britney Spears pops some E and marries her old high school boyfriend, only to annul it 55 hours later, that cheapens marriage.  When Sarah Palin tries to force her daughter to marry her baby daddy to make herself look good to the GOP, that cheapens marriage.

Letting George Takei marry the man he loves and who loves him back does not cheapen marriage.  Every time two people who truly love and honor each other get married, the institution is strengthened no matter the gender.


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